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The system is made of a 44 mm wide aluminum frame and high-quality graphics printed on fabric. The frame is easily twisted in the corners, and the fabric trimmed with silicone rubber is clipped into the frame profile. The frame profile is perfect for construction of advertising walls and stands.

Advantages of Smart Frame 44:

  • silver aluminum profiles (optional white or black)
  • textile graphics on one or two sides, clipped into the frame with a silicone tape
  • additional feet or wall and ceiling hangers • reinforcing crossbars for larger formats
  • possibility of ordering stabilizing feet to create a stand/wall

See the film presenting SMART FRAME


Instrukcja (F44-Install-sheet.pdf, 1,696 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 70x100 (Smart-frame-70X100.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 100x100 (Smart-frame-100X100.pdf, 1,658 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 100x150 (Smart-frame-100X150.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 100x200 (Smart-frame-100X200.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 100x250 (Smart-frame-100X250.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 150x200 (Smart-frame-150X200.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 150x250 (Smart-frame-150X250.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 200x200 (Smart-frame-200X200.pdf, 1,654 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 200x250 (Smart-frame-200X250.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 300x200 (Smart-frame-300X200.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart Frame 300x250 (Smart-frame-300X250.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]