Maksymalny rozmiar projektu jaki możesz przesłać tą metodą to 300Mb. Większe projekty prześlij po złożeniu zamówienia w odpowiedzi do wiadomości, którą od nas otrzymasz. Cena produktu nie zawiera przygotowania indywidualnego projektu graficznego.
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The Smart Display Modular wall construction is based on lightweight and durable aluminium tubes, with diameter of 30 mm. The connection of the tubes in the wall is trivially simple thanks to the use of bungee systems, self-locking systems and additional markings on the elements to be assembled. Thus, folding a single-wall structure is uncomplicated and fast.

Modularity of the Smart Display Modular system

Individual modules (frames) can be used individually or combine with each other, creating hundreds of possible configurations. You can choose from several types of frames, with different widths and heights. The textile material you put on the frames can be printed with graphics on one or both sides.

The Smart Display Modular can be combined in any way you want. Strong magnets placed inside the tubes, which operate within a 360° radius, allow you to connect wall frames in a very easy way, without the use of additional external connectors. Create your unique space by connecting the walls using a magnetic coupling system Mag Quick. The feet that stabilize the wall are mounted using the Fast Click system - simply insert them and turn around, and they'll automatically lock up. The zippered polyester stretch fabric, with graphics printed by sublimation method is extremely durable and retains the clarity of colours. The set is packed in a bag with separate foot pockets, which protects the fabric from damage.