SMART FRAME Light Box 100

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An illuminated floor-standing light box made of aluminum frame and high-quality graphics printed on fabric. The 100 mm wide frame is easily screwed in the corners, and the fabric finished with a silicone rubber easily clipped into the frame profile. LED light placed inside the frame on the longer profile edges.

Advantages of SMART FRAME

  • aluminum profiles in silver, black or white
  • internal LED lighting
  • textile graphics on one or two sides
  • graphics attached to the frame with a silicone tape
  • additional feet, wall or ceiling suspensions
  • reinforcing inner crossbars for larger formats

Smart-frame-150X250 (Smart-frame-150X250.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-150X200 (Smart-frame-150X200.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-100X250 (Smart-frame-100X250.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-100X200 (Smart-frame-100X200.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-100X150 (Smart-frame-100X150.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-70X100 (Smart-frame-70X100.pdf, 1,651 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-100X100 (Smart-frame-100X100.pdf, 1,658 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-200X200 (Smart-frame-200X200.pdf, 1,654 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-200X250 (Smart-frame-200X250.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-300X200 (Smart-frame-300X200.pdf, 1,652 Kb) [Download]

Smart-frame-300X250 (Smart-frame-300X250.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]