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The Elephanto HEAVY textile wall is a reinforced version of the Elephanto wall. The wall is in rectangular shape, the upper corners are rounded, so the fabric lies perfectly on the structure. Graphics are printed by sublimation method, thanks to high temperature the dye is permanently bonded to the fabric, the fabric is washable, scratch-proof and UV resistant.

Metal feet in this version of the wall are wider, thus improving stability.

Advantages of the advertising wall:

  • very large graphic print area
  • fabric pulled over the structure and finished with a zipper sewn from below
  • One-sided or two-sided graphics
  • tool-free installation
  • easy installation thanks to numbered elements
  • two or three metal feet for increased stability
  • transport bag
  • quick assembly and disassembly of the structure


In the set you get: a complete Elephanto HEAVY advertising wall and a transport bag.


ELE24-H 235 x 238

Szablon Elephanto Heavy ELE24-H (Szablon-Elephanto-H-24.pdf, 1,650 Kb) [Download]

Szablon Elephanto Heavy ELE30-H (Szablon-Elephanto-H-30.pdf, 83 Kb) [Download]

Szablon Elephanto Heavy ELE40-H (adj_Ele40-H_ULT.pdf, 74 Kb) [Download]

Szablon Elephanto Heavy ELE50-H (adj_Ele50-H_ULT.pdf, 73 Kb) [Download]

Szablon Elephanto Heavy ELE60-H (Szalon-Elephanto-H-60-skala-1-10.pdf, 82 Kb) [Download]

Instrukcja Elephanto Heavy (Elephanto_User_Instructions.pdf, 334 Kb) [Download]