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The Dorado wall is a model eagerly used for banner graphics with a larger surface or as a wall for photo sessions. The structure is made of telescopic masts, which lets to adjust the height and width of the wall for individual needs. Textile graphic, printed on one side, has tunnels into which the bars are inserted. Metal feet ensure the stability of the structure. The Dorado banner wall is very easy to assemble, it only takes a few minutes to assemble it.

Advantages of the Dorado wall:
- stable, telescopic structure
- full height and width adjustment walls up to 250 cm
- one-sided graphics mounted on tunnels
- two metal feet

The set includes: a complete Dorado system and a transport bag.


DOR 150x200

Szablon DOR15 150/200 (adj_Dor_150x200.pdf, 91 Kb) [Download]

Szablon DOR20 200/200 (adj_Dor_200x200_moru-0x.pdf, 91 Kb) [Download]

Szablon DOR25 250/200 (adj_Dor_200x250_8zvr-zf.pdf, 91 Kb) [Download]

Instrukcja (Dorado_User_Instructions.pdf, 3,079 Kb) [Download]